Free Sets
for Barrett Watten


an insulated minority has lost its function
love a threat to order unconditionally
freedom precondition scientific intervention
time space according mode of production
transcendental within experimentum linguae


Gesamtkunstwerk community two are one
must enter the field of political history
of totality negative without subjective
awaits form to unify virtù liberator hound
cultural interchangeable social syntax


profit grudge bounty management security
one-sided equality exclusion timocracy
manufacture extreme operations abilities
conditions representations established real
to be simultaneously liberal and socialist


temporal sequence objective moral criterion
sheath interior island hidden exposure field
otiose sublimity by rank source confusions
staging this subverts sense certainty this
here now postulate a body in itself universal


proletariat art to make abstraction possible
dialectical intelligibility of singular history
space existence as nothing or distinct
extreme arts to suffer tortured automatic
blank inertia liberated fresh correspondences


ideological knowledge mirror philosophy
psychoanalytical violent tape-recorder
first-class cataleptic recumbent awaiting
a priori communication from production
modernity projection ongoing dialectic


spatial empirical heroic historical Jetztzeit
to invoke the people is to invoke class
bourgeoisie ruling working class coalition
commodity wine forms speculative theory
formal compromise reality principle allows


ochlos prohibiting political philosophy
commodity referential tautology exchange
for ancients distribution for moderns private
seduction in symbolic mastery of forms
totalitarianism pacifying social conscience


truth smack of sexist rape by author chef
compulsive remembrance without a name
identical premises conclusions contradict
no view in cells lodge perfectly distinct
enemies there is no enemy avows inverts


friend-enemy homogeneity of pluralism
fundamentalism target for free-market
desire of activity to overcome passivity
world system of states bourgeoisie
rigid illusory class-membership mobility


structural aprioristic limitation critique
empiricism science epiphenomenon
spatialization of time in uncharacteristic
democracy formal and substantial history
this difference for the raw work diagram


morality of method neo-Kantianism
cadres non-commanding bureaucrats
democracy in America in utilitarianism
fragmented within impossible phallus
publicity dissolves Dasein reactionary


truly new founding Jetztzeit everyday
non-Western gains with rage against
truth system of ordered procedures
to cover already dominated logistics
advertising reign of freedom of desire


anti-libertine political no use nostalgia
prioprietorial remorse clarity-fetishist
critic of letters authority popularizer
majority of slips in general causes
speech naturalness signata passage


didn’t generate desire because lyrical
start with the enemy possibility of war
strip the master’s presence of terrors
cultural assault on social moral order
cinema automation of war machine


state authority rooted psychological
the big Other doesn’t exist leave guilt
re-present inverted actuality meaning
politicians bankers oil media mafia
beyond true and false art knowledge


epic as poem that includes economics
modernism breaking embrace against
psychic identity non-oedipal pre-history
dissociation to association of sociation
critical realism our anti-colonialism


always-already impurity mobilized political
potentiality/act of virtue pleasure philía
methodologism validity historical critique
deconstruction mourning neo-liberalist right
democracy of capital dissipates difference


everyday to unmask as formalistic realistic
finite deprives psychological time ecology
post-Fordist eternal and ephemeral no longer
eliminated Aufhebung in ever-pre-givenness
liberal inclusion exclusion globalization


eminence association difficult to distinguish
must turn out torn up in virtù to found a state
after modernity liberation the orgy is over
praxis from person authority justification
challenged art itself overthrow of society


radical democracy universalized difference
unreflective loneliness historically social
uncertainty excess of positivity simulation
state detached private apolitical modernity
women permanent autonomous organization


to liberal humanism radical and scientific
community of masters or slaves equivalent
general strike balance attacking global
obliged to detail necessary not precipitous
slips interference half-suppressed outside


primitive accumulation formation relations
conflict to retain credibility fait accompli
authority freedom foundation application
estrangement construction subject béance
intellectual freedom illusion into barbarism


cinema disavowal perfects image instability
war geography for political ambitions
dreamlike protects from total vigilance
conspiracy schemes to police knowledge
labor cuts ethnic sexual universality


historical rationality cumulative modernity
nation literate nor illiterate aporia of critic
phenomena isolated to material struggles
extremist art excellence in little there is
asocial migration indivisible emancipation


sign value fleeting frittered into show
language futurity discloses allopraxes
violence chance never sepulture known
truth of honor is false produces truth
desire against complete satisfaction


admired strategically primal architecture
free action catechism state apparatus
signifier signified differential to flux
multicolored polyphonic revolution
metamorphosis refilled with images


hegemony foundationalism disintegrating
constitutive outside power relations
develop problematic politics theoretical
moral ethical missing decision hegemonic
no ideology except by for subject category


supranational surveillance private meaning
immediate to memory expectation not here
epistemic fallacy being in knowledge
dissolution direction by class struggle
social scientific prohibitions malignance


hypostatization-bashing metaphysical logos
paradigmatically global atop local tomorrow
contradictory logical society not to be
cinematic reproduction of sexual difference
ruling state representation ruled mediation


all cultural political overtly stigmatized non-
narrative suspense consent unconscious
manipulation contempt conceals to deter
photographic solitude silence of desire
truth borne in struggle effectivity concrete


material error memory cross-checked
large-scale motivs lack of detail repetition
spiritual corporeality fetishism of money
rights that can be added which will destroy
normative abstract plurality universality


authority dialectic of servant’s insight
consciousness illusions to real but by other
asymmetrical for other without for one
class mobility racism confusion inversion
interpenetrating artistic social relations


patrimony of humanity truths from time
to capture strange perfect strange attractor
relaxed social promiscuity obscenity gaze
philosophical epistemological break possible
machine modernity itself new relationships


gaming symbolic rule superior to law
a priori rules for possibility of objective
ontology of social sedimented power blurred
logic in conflict with psycho-logic be bent
technical humanist mutually complementary


home environmental control insularity
particular and universal diverge in authentic
fatal same sign advent demise immanent
practice and science experimental objective
luxury penury tolerated by chronological


swelling military humanitarian globalization
party to lead revolution becoming educated
random minimal causes prodigious effects
fixed pseudo-localization situation harbor
object singularity arises possessed projection


rapprochements with non-identical nature
false dialectic of popular consciousness
corrupt slaves masters negotiation with evil
parties first political ideological power
καινιαν to καὶ Νικίαν unconsciously


general meeting co-operative construction
periodization particular to old problematic
modern democracy to impede final fixation
truth triangle of thought object notion hole
satellite observation of society sovereignty


essence of artistic concept in action
atomic deterrence strong by strong by weak
natural necessity causal kinds definitions
historical geographical materialism debate
break in representation remain within sexual


no silence prior representational undermines
halting problem into solution productive
war in contention necessities imposed
living presence material revolution doomed
anti-essentialist radical plural democracy


rich poor factuality substance just useful
historical emotions and interests progress
no more illusion hyperreality destiny
triumphant bourgeois drowned mendacious
liberal conflict conceived as emancipation


unexchangeable world has no price
damage by relativity to places and time
unities edification ἀπάθεια misericordia
articulation non-psychological bricolage
contemporary abeyance without indifference


interesting not sensationalism indispensible
creative linguistic reversion to innatism
workers’ anti-government to civil war
nuclear filters contaminate in moderation
subjective to objective certainty life-form


mathematical nature to arise theology
open problems new scientific problematic
secrecy domination spectacle universality
robots taught more than all astronomers
modern music producer consumer minimal


fused unlimited to collective catechism
historical critical imagination by praxis
funeral transformation of threatening image
deneutralization of media new world state
serial modernity model sloughing opposing


reconciliation sheer lie to overcome idealism
after revolution depended upon big capital
computerism mastery inhuman interpassive
salvation nihilism to annihilate bourgeois
cannot describe in ideas but real relations


performative simulation non-integration as if
skepticism to humanism absurdity alienated
tragic vengeance reversibility destiny
intrication with alterity aidez-moi an-archic
ontological bourgeois waits for realization


anachronisms dialectical beauty high-tech
answer in solitude by extreme opposition
parallels quantum beneath language raised
technological unions corporate or working
monarch pure irrational signifier ex-sistence


form content quasi-transcendental historical
accident daily transformed into delectation
irrational unconscious deeper intentionality
science not ready-made rid of prehistory
M-C-M’ centrality of physical to realistic


resistance and hope miss Versagung reduced
through absence idea non-existence attained
homogeneity different unity identity problem
class ideology ruling classless profit of all
commonwealth national ferocity imaginary


cairological messianic crib sliver complete
baroque spiritual contradictions by distance
not repudiate modernism but relocate
liberal conflicts plural socialist democratic
repression attenuated no purely ideological


weakest link exacerbation of contradictions
foundation military gynaecocracy preserving
master prestige death of other extinction
national language only this representative
transcendental deconstruction a metacritique


intriguer comedy linked mourning popular
transvaluations of racism insistent memory
discourse discrepancy contract statuses
minimum will to insignificance to power
written law superego voice supplements


parallel founder returns truth through error
capitalism nation-building imperialist
raison déraison tension back to critical flux
location of corporate banking headquarters
irrational freed state authority thing-in-itself


security extra-atmospheric stage of history
toward the other of the heading alterity
loss of unity of time shared on nunc to hic
aspiration to freedoms to organize time
not misogynist plain central representation


disorders nobles aristocracy to oligarchy
in being inter-war research retro-prospective
specters ne se pose pas heterodox theses
fragility objects tragic temptation sexuality
genealogy vis-à-vis hauntology messianism


domination’s falling rate of profit plots itself
history morals behind relations nature past
democracy multitude unanimous soul praxis
liberal pluralism evasion relations of power
abyss la femme n’existe pas pure subject


investigation multinationals battling markets
expelling language or artifacts disappearing
recognition contradiction private property
despotism colliding monarchy flowing
from memory reading transcription slips


reliance society truth positive confrontation
archaic frigidity female to pleasure limitless
imperialism monopoly world war capitalism
regionalisms to contemporary restructuring
canonization dominant resistance to textual

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